Friday, 31 May 2013

June 2nd - Trinity 1 - 2nd after Pentecost

(Wow : the Sundays get hard to 'label' from here until Advent!)

I'm not actually preaching this Sunday - but looked at the gospel reading: Luke 7: 1-10 and the healing by Jesus of the Centurion's servant.

There are all sorts of things going on here about race, and authority, and culture. This is a story for our mixed up world - whose faith is real? which race is blessed? who deserves God's healing?
The word that leapt out at me from the story was 'worthy'. The Jewish elders, speaking to Jesus on behalf of the Centurion, say that he is 'worthy' of Jesus going to him, because he has sponsored the synagogue. But when jesus approached, the man himself says 'I am not worthy.. only say the word'.

This is a story about grace - none of us are worthy yet God's will is to bless and heal all of us.
Thanks be to God.

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