Monday, 7 May 2012

Interesting ideas about 'truth'

Today is a Bank Holiday, so I decided to start the day by ironing some clothes and listening to 'Start the Week' on Radio 4 here, if you want to listen

It is a fascinating conversation between 4 people who try to work out what inventions and ideas are going to be used in the future. The 4 guests explained how they do this through a magazine which combines science-fiction and scienitifc developments, through exploring new inventions and asking how they can be used, through looking at successful companies who market new devices, and through examining how people react to new inventions.

One of those being interviewed said that to help people understand the future they need to actually see the physical objects they are going to use, even if the actual science hasn’t been developed – people need to handle what they call 'props' physical objects that they can touch, rather than just being told about ideas. For example, what will a hand-held computer look like, what will you be able to do with it, when might it be available – these are all questions people ask, rather than wanting to understand the ideas behind it.

I was struck by the connection between this way of working and the God who comes to us as the Word made flesh.

I might develop this idea to help to illustrate this week's gospel reading where Jesus uses the term 'friend'. Jesus shows us God as our friend - a real, hands-on loving God!

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