Sunday, 9 May 2010

What we did today!

Apologies to anyone wanting a sermon here: I preached without notes (along the lines of the last posting) - then at the 9.30 we had a 'prayer walk' (details below) , and at the 11.15 our student minister preached (getting maximum out of his last month!).

Creative church: Prayer walk

Hymn: ‘I will walk in the presence of God’ (Common Ground - based on Psalm 116)

The Church
Give thanks for the building of the church, for all those generations who have prayed here & found God here. Allow the stillness of this place to still any anxieties in you.

Reading: Luke 24: 13-15

Ask God to open your eyes so that you may know the presence of Jesus with you as you pray & walk.

The Churchyard LOOK around you... take in the whole scene... and look closely at details... study for example a plant, and see how well it has been made.
LISTEN to all the sounds around you... what can you hear?
.. people's voices?... wind?... birds?... traffic?... your own breathing?
TOUCH something. When did you last feel the bark of a tree, or the texture of a brick wall?
 Notice the feel of the air/wind/sun/rain on your skin... and the feel of the air you breathe in... become aware of the sensations you are feeling in your body...
SMELL the air. What can you smell... damp earth... pollen... wet wood?
Be aware of God's creation all around you... and know that you are a part of it... Rest in that certainty.

The corner of the Lawn If there are people playing sports, give thanks with them for the pleasure of activity and leisure. Pray for anyone you can see, or anyone you meet on the walk. Look at the houses around the Lawn and any other buildings you can see. Give thanks to God for our village community.

The war memorial The Kohima memorial in India includes the words ‘When you go home tell them of us and say for your tomorrow we gave our today.’
Pause to give thanks for those who gave their lives, who are named on our memorial. Pray for all those killed or injured in war, and those still caught up in fighting today. Pray for peace.

The Guildhall Up until 1966 this was a community building. From here you can see other community space - the shop & Post Office, and the Tickell Arms, for example. Pray for all the places where people gather, including our churches and William Westley school.

Return to the church
Reading: Genesis: 28: 10-16


Hymn: 538 Teach me my God and king


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