Sunday, 3 January 2010


For reasons that are too complicated to go into, I ended up doing a rather off-the-cuff 8am reflection on Epiphany (the main gist of which (I think) was that the magi were looking for the greater light which is the glory of God come near in Christ, not the lesser light of the guiding star - it is the former which is the light which dispels the 'deep darkness' to which isaiah refers).
Then at 9.30 I assisted a bishop with a baptism (he was Bill Godfrey - Anglican Bishop of Peru & grandfather to Benjamin, the baby being baptised! And at the 11am I preached on presentation of Christ in the temple - or rather I reflected on Rembrandt's wonderful depiction and what it says about Epiphany - the glory of God coming close to us - in our hands and our laps and lighting up our faces...

All of which was a rather hairy 're-entry' into work: normal service (s) will be resumed soon!

But it was good to have chance to think about the glory which is revealed in Christmas and in the Christ-child.
I hope to carry some of those reflections (in every sense of the word) into this new year!

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