Monday, 29 September 2008

So what happened?

Well, yes, 28th Sept come and went & no sermon!!
a) I've had a really busy week or two - 5 funerals in 2 weeks is a bit much on top of everything else
b) Our internship student, Findy, preached on Sunday (very well!) - so I got something of a day off
c) I did do an 8am sermon - but since I wrote it by hand (between Strictly Come Dancing & Casualty on Saturday night) - it never got onto the computer
Oh yes, & I was on a conference/retreat Mon-Wed
Is that enough excuses??

Must do better this week.
Sorry anyone who reads this!

But don't the cobwebs look great in the garden? Wish I had a digi camera & I could share them with you.
Lovely misty, moisty mornings & then (if we're lucky) - some sun!

Off to school harvest festival next...

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