Friday, 23 December 2011

Christmas Day

A very short reflection...we all have turkeys to cook, don't we?

Christmas Day
So all through Advent we have been looking at the Advent gifts ‘ God can’t wait to give’
The lit candle – hope in the darkness.
The Word of God - which brings comfort.
The water - which reminds us of John the Bapitst & the new life from God.
The baby, born to Mary – who shows us how God chooses to enter the world.
Today’s final gift – is.. a crown (a simple paper crown from a cracker!)

We are reminded that the child, Jesus, the baby born to Mary & placed in the manger, is the King of all. He will grow to heal, teach, lead and ultimately to save people. His life, his death & his resurrection will demonstrate the amazing gift of the love of God.

God is born in human flesh – come to be among us and yet born to be our King and our Lord.

The crown also reminds us of the 3 wise ones who are traveling to worship this baby king – with their gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.

But the crown also points us to the most amazing thing about Christmas – because we all know if we find a crown in our crackers this lunchtime that this crown is .. for us. (I will put the crown on here. And yes, I will look silly!)

Through this wonderful gift of Jesus at Christmas, God crowns us with love, comes to be with us for ever, and makes us his children and the heirs of the promise that we are all sons and daughters of the most high God – loved and precious as the richest royalty.
Enjoy your gifts, whatever they are, and enjoy God’s greatest gift of love. Amen.

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