Wednesday, 10 August 2011

August 21st

No, I haven't forgotten August 14th - but I'll be on holiday & not preaching. So the plan is to get ahead and prepare for Aug 21st this week. Well, it's a plan - but lots of extra stuff seems to have hit the diary this week...*sigh*

Anyway readings for Aug 21st are:
Isaiah 51: 1-6
Romans 12: 1-8
Matthew 16: 13-20

My initial thoughts were to preach about Peter - but will all the riots & stuff it seems that Isaiah & Romans are more relevant. 'Being transformed not conformed' feels like the good news many people need to hear - it's time for the church to speak out about what really makes people happy & to stand out against consumerism - not just moaning about 'the state of the world' but offering an alternative.
I may well make reference to the Camping and caravanning club campaign 'Get Rich Quick'
here - especially as I am off in the tent the next day! Happy Times.

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