Wednesday, 20 July 2011

God's kingdom

Readings for this week include
Matthew 13:31-33,44-52

with a real treasure-trove of parables of the kingdom: the yeast, the mustard seed, the pearl, treasure in a field, the net.
I think I will preach on just one: the mustard seed - which I referred to in last week's sermon with the 'other' churches. At one church this week we will have the Godly Play version of the Mustard seed - it is such a short, simple story and yet can provide such food for thought.
I would also like to encourage people to set aside dates in the their diaries for the Autumn for an 'Everybody Welcome' course, making a link with the birds of the air being welcomed in the branches of the strange weed that is the mustard bush.
Also i think I'd like to link the idea of the growth of the kingdom in the mystery of a seed with the Romans reading (Romans 8:26-39) and Paul's teaching about the way the Spirit helps us to be on-anxious about God's love and God's purpose.

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