Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Easter laughter

I love the tradition of telling jokes on easter Sunday - to show that we laugh at death.
So here's an Easter giggle for you: "Less ambitious hymns"

I vow to thee, my county

Thin be the Glory

Most of my hope on God is founded (and I wish it would make me stronger, I really do)

What a Facebook friend we have in Jesus

Our God is an Okay God

Lord, you have my left ventricle

Hail thee, regular day

O Little Town of Basildon

Go tell it on the mole hill

Blessed Insurance

Send me general directions, O Great Redeemer

We Three Kings, Disoriented Are

Come, now is the time to workshop

Crown him with half a crown

How satisfactory Thou Art

They’ll Know We Are Christians By the Fish on Our Cars

Be Thou My Vision Express

I Lib-Dem-Vow to thee, my country

I suspect that my Redeemer lives

Actually, a rather noisy night. Have you never given birth in a stable? Jesus Christ!

Mundane Things of Thee are Spoken

The Nuneaton Carol

I have decided to follow Jesus on Sunday mornings

Our dog is a great big dog.

If I were a low-fat-spread-fly

People have recommended you as a holiday destination, Zion city of our God


R (another one) said...

Is it wrong to laugh on Good Friday ? I did at these and it gave me a bit more light for the journey. Thanks ! x

Ruth said...

I think as Christians it is never wrong to laugh - joy is after all what we were made for!
love & laughter to you this Easter x