Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Thoughts towards Sunday...

Maybe I should rename this blog "Sunday's mercilessly rushing towards me like an express train" as that's how it's felt every week so far this year.
So here we are again more than half way through the week & nothing much done.
One service this week is our 'creative church' service, when we will be using a kind of labyrinth approach - moving between prayer stations to think about how we choose to walk in God's way (focussing particularly on the Deuteronomy reading)

Deuteronomy 30: 15-20

but also allowing ourselves to be challenged by Jesus words about being mindful about the things that lead to sin in the Gospel reading:

Matthew 5:21-37

My plan is to plan the creative church service & then use my reflections on that to write the sermon for the other (communion) service. Before Saturday, which I'm planning to take as a proper day off - because I need it. What was it Robbie Burns had ot say about 'best laid plans of mice & men'..? Perhaps it doesn't apply to women! Here's hoping.

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