Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Advent 4

I've been looking in particular at
Matthew 1:18-25

which gives the birth of Jesus very much from Joseph's point of view.
I'm thinking of balancing it (as the gospels do) with Mary's point of view, and then bringing us to our own point of view, as we look at some fairly simple questions:

what will this birth mean? - shame & scandal; or life & hope?
what should I do - run & hide? grin & bear it? listen to what God's messengers are telling me?
where is God in this? sorting out the mess? causing it? right in the midst of it?

If I have time (hah!) I think I'd like to write reflections by Mary & by Joseph, with time to think in between & then a concluding reflection bringing it 'home'.
Oh yes, and I have a wedding on Saturday & 2 carol services on Sunday to finishing organising too!

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