Monday, 13 September 2010


What a cracking parable Luke gives us this Sunday:

Luke 16: 1-13

First thought - should I even try to preach on this?

Second thought - I've just been learning about parables in general, so can I apply some of the general principles?

a) Looking for the shocking and surprising, rather than the predictable meaning: and b)it doesn't get much more shocking than this.
b) I'm also reminded that we should beware automatically assuming that the most powerful character in any parable MUST be God.
c) In what context is the story first told?

So.. well, it's certainly a shock that Jesus seems to commend the trickery of the steward - surely we expect him (want him?) to get his comeuppance from his boss - even if his 'creative accountancy' does win him some other friends. I'm glad I'm released from trying to imagine God as the 'boss' in the story. And as for context: this comes right after the story of the prodigal son - another wastrel who doesn't get the treatment he deserves.
I'm off on a 3 day 'ministers' get-together' so hopefully will get time to chew over some of this there...alone or with others!

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