Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Lent 1

So, the readings are

Deuteronomy 26:1-11 and
Luke 4:1-13

Well, yes you can have Romans too but believe me I'm struggling enough with those two.

So here's the thing - I have a funeral Thurs & Fri & a planned, booked, can't be cancelled honest-to-goodness day off on Saturday. So here we are on Wednesday &.. not much ideas-wise. Hmmm. Thought to myself 'I've preached oin the temptation of Christ many, many times before - wonder what I said... (sneaky thought of recycling entering my head - was it a temptation?). I can't find ANY of my previous attempts on disc, memory stick, or the back of any envelopes. I know we pray 'lead us not into temptation, but this is ridiculous.

So - where to go?

Deuteronomy - A wandering Aramean was my father.. and all that - lots of promises from God that the wilderness years will end, the promised land years begin - all will be well. So what is Jesus doing out in the wilderness? Choosing - how to build the kingdom, how to enter the promised land - how to do things God's way not his own way: because it matters not only what we do but how and why we do them.

Jesus squarely chooses the way of the Lord - and we must do the same.
So giving up stuff for lent (if you're into that) is not just about losing weight, toning up or being pious, it's about stilling the competing little voices in our heads and listening for God's way to be clear.

Do you think people will mind a 3 minute sermon? I could wear the flowery clogs??

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