Wednesday, 23 December 2009

The mystery of the incarnation

How to tackle this? Every year I try and every year I marvel at the wonder of the true joy of Christmas.

At the Christmas eve midnight service tomorrow I will probably use this:

The Wicked Fairy At The Manger 
by U.A. Fanthorpe

My gift for the child:

No wife, kids, home;

No money sense. Unemployable.
Friends, yes.
But the wrong sort –

The workshy, women, wimps,

Petty infringers of the law, persons

With notifiable diseases,
Poll tax collectors, tarts;

The bottom rung.

His end?

I think we’ll make it

Public, prolonged, painful.

Right, said the baby.
That was roughly

What we had in mind.

Whilst on Christmas Day I will use a tatty old wooden orange box to reflect on the amazing contrast of the baby in the stable - the king of heaven made flesh.

Of course I have tomorrow morning & most of the afternoon to sort myself out!
Hope the mystery is opened to you this Chirstmas, faithful readers!
Happy Christmas.

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