Thursday, 23 April 2009

Easter 3 April 26th

Lectionary readings are:
1 John 3: 1-7
Luke 24: 36b - 48

I have a baptism so don't really want 3 readings (so many words in the service already!).

I'm struck by a piece of broiled fish (thankfully, not literally). Not very glamorous, is it? Not very exciting or ..well 'Bible-y' really.

Bread, wine - we're used to them as symbols rich with meaning and significance - but fish is just a bit of supper left over on someone's plate. But perhaps that's the point - Jesus is real: not a ghost, not an nice idea, real life, down-to-earth - back from the dead, but back - really!

I want to link this to the baptism - God in the ordinary, but also utterly extraordinary - in water, in this new life, in a loving family.

I also want to challenge everyone who's there - Jesus wants his followers to know he is alive and with them and that his love is greater than death, not so they go 'oh fish, right' but so they go 'wow Jesus wonderful'.
How do we recognise God in ordinary - the amazing depth and power of God's love in our lives...?

This needs work but I feel like I'm getting somewhere...

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