Thursday, 22 January 2009

Sunday 25th Jan 09

Bit of a 'messy' week: I'm not preaching at the main service, which is a joint service for the week of prayer for Christian Unity.

At the 8am I will concentrate on the gospel and the call of Jesus to James & John. Mark 1: 14-20
I've been reflecting with someone this week on how it feels when various chapters of your life are closing and the future is very uncertain.
I'm sure we can all think of our own examples of this happening in life - and I suspect some of us will be going through change of this sort right now: loss of a job, moving home, family changes, or just time's winged chariot whisking us off our feet and dumping us down on our backside.

What strikes me in the call to James & John as Mark gives it to us is how little information they are given to go on - Jesus says 'Follow' - he doesn't say where, why, how they're going to cope... he doesn't even say when - but it seems James & John know when - NOW.

This is scary - but also strangely reassuring:the disciples upped & went - their only certainty was that they were going to keep company with Jesus. Perhaps when the mists of uncertainty lift we will find that Jesus has kept company with us.

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