Wednesday, 22 October 2008

The thoughts of others...

I found it helpful to look at the revgalblogpals site today (I often do!) - there's a link just to your right >>>> see!
I posted this back to my e-friends (mostly across the pond)

"I did a bit of reading around the Thessalonians & came up with a good question 'who do we say that we are?' - would fit with Reformation Sunday, too.
But I'm not sure yet how to address the question:
People of God, of course - not just following Moses, but following whoever God sends
People of Love - for God & neighbour
People of the way - loving one another, forming a new community who follows Jesus..."

and since then I've thought - people of the past (thinking about the church record)
people of the future - surely God hasn't finished with us yet.

Nearly meeting time, so I'll try to come back with more thoughts - or even the final notes - by Friday (Saturday IS my day off - and some kind poeple have been reminding me of that!).

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