Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Sunday August 24th

I had a great holiday - but often find it harder to get back to planning worship when I return..why is that?

Readings for this coming Sunday are:
Exodus 1:8-2:10 - the beginning of the story of Moses
Romans 12:1-8 - living sacrifices as the body of Christ
Matthew 16:13-20 - Peter the rock

We have a baptism at one church - I think I'd like to say something about Christianity as a 'team event' (well, yes I have been watching bits of the Olympics) and each of us as part of God's greater plan.
Moses may seem like the start of the show, but without the heroism of Shiprah & Puah, his mother & his sister, and Pharoah's daughter & her maid, he wouldn't have survived the first 3 months. Through baptism Connie joins the 'team' which is the body of Christ.

At the other church we have an all-age service, so I think I'd like to focus on Moses - telling the story in an inventive way.
It helps that the second week of my holiday was spent in the Norfolk broads, so I've still got water & rushes in my mind.

More as it comes...

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