Tuesday, 15 July 2008


I am now back from General Assembly - and slightly dismayed that we didn't spend more time reflecting. The BIble 'directions' from Jane Leach of Wesley House were brilliant and really got me thinking. BUt the reports were mostly (not all) of the 'everything's great and there is much to celebrate' model. I don't think I'm just turning into an Eeyore - the Christian journey is one through pain and suffering as well as through joy & celebration and we travel furthest in our pilgrimage towards God and God's kingdom when we reflect on our journey in the light of God's love and the incarnation of Christ under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

I am not preaching AGAIN this week (short retreat to Lindisfarne) but the readings are
Genesis 28: 10-19a - Jacob's ladder
or Isaiah 44: 6-8 - The Lord says I am the first & the last - do not be afraid
Romans 8: 12-25 - led by the spirit of God to be children of God
Matthew 13: 24-30, 36-43 Parable of the wheat and tares

And looking at these readings I see something about the need to discern what is fruitful and what is 'weed' in our lives - as churches and as individuals.
On my retreat I shall try to reflect on this need for discernment and ask myself where the sources of it lie and how I can access them more easily. I don't want to turn into a 'grumpy old woman' - but neither do I want to settle for what is shallow and facile.

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Julyan said...

Hi Ruth, with all that's happening in the good old CofE at present, maybe this is a very important text to remind ourselves of. I'm no gardener and so have great trouble working out what's weed and what's not in my little border in front of my house, and anyway didn't someone saay a weed is just a plant in the wrong place? That God lets the weeds grow just suggests that even those of us who think we're weeds and don't belong in the garden (in the church) (or are told we are weeds and don't belong, (maybe to make those stringy flowers look good), are perhaps late bloomers and destined to blossom in God's good time. Hey, who's to say? Not me! And, anyway, it seems to me that some of those so-called weeds are quite beautiful.