Wednesday, 28 May 2008

More thoughts...

I often use the Jesuit 'Sacred space' website for my personal reflection.
It's at - I'll try to post a link!
Today the gospel reading was the story of Jesus heading for Jerusalem and James & John asking for special places in the kingdom. The reflection of the day comments
'holiness is judged on our closeness to God, not on our rank, our job, our vocation.'.
I was reminded of the reading I did last week on Paul's letters to the Corinthians, Hans Fror's amazing book  "You wretched Corinthians" and his use of the term 'super-apostles' to describe those who appeared to do good works but were nasty pieces of work who led the church at Corinth astray. I think this might help with the works/faith debate - but I'll give it some more thought over the next couple of days.


Julyan said...

Hi Ruth, all te berst with the blog. I remember a woman, hugely loving because for some "Christians" she did not exhibit the right sort of faith; i.e. she did not speak in tongues, she was not a proper "Christian" in their eyes. It left her very wobbly, feeling guilty, unsure. For me the whole faith / works debate comes down to love, to love "as I have loved you" is to exhibit faith and is the greatest work that can be expected of us. Shalom, my friend.

trinityblogger said...

Hi Ruth, I have just started a blog for my local Church and am still taking baby steps. If the comment holiness is judged on our closeness to God rather than rank, job, vocation, is right, then in my humble opinion a definition of closeness to God needs to be found. I'll give this more thought and comment again.